Gift Shop

SiGN UP to volunteer in the Gift Shop! 


The Guild Gift Shop is the principal money-raising endeavor of the CSF Guild, relying on volunteers to man the shop during the performance season(s). The shop committee’s goals include raising monies for Guild and Festival activities, providing opportunities for Guild volunteers to engage with CSF audiences and productions, and increasing visibility and reputation of the Festival and the Guild. The committee also is engaged in finding materials for sale that enhance audience knowledge and appreciation of Shakespeare and other playwrights.

Volunteer shop duties include merchandise procurement (done by the committee before
the season), volunteer coordination to schedule shop assignments, setup
and takedown of the shop each performance, and tracking item sales.
Generally, volunteers need to be in the shop an hour ahead of the
performance curtain time and during intermission. Also, the shop can open
during rain pauses during the show. Shop takedown and storage after
intermission can usually be accomplished in less than half an hour.
Volunteers can watch the play during the first half, then return to watch
after takedown is completed.

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